Mixtape 82 by Garçon Taupe

Kind of an Outsider

Sometimes it just takes one click to know what it’s all about. In Garçon Taupe’s case it’s that click on the play button of his mixtape. First, you’ll hear some twisted analog synth cranking it’s way into your auditory system. Second, there it is: a nasty, dusty, raw kick, probably originating from some vintage drum machine that has collected heaps of dust over the years. get to know more

Mixtape 81 by DJ Maik


“What can I tell!? My mothership and closest friends come together with ‘Solid Rotation’. We started in 2014 with small basement raves and a radio show in Jena, which was broadcasted for 6 years at Radio Lotte in Weimar, before we recently switched to Sphere Radio in Leipzig. Shortly after, the idea to form a label came up, because we didn’t know where to put all the money from the parties. need money?

Mixtape 80 by The Neighbourhood Character


Ari Lawrence, aka The Neighbourhood Character, has been steadily researching and creating in Berlin for the past nine years. An enthusiastic producer, instrumentalist, vocalist, and selector, Ari’s practice widely reflects their collaborative spirit. In addition to pursuing interventionist research around politics and praxes of marginalised electronic producers as a doctoral candidate at Goldsmiths College, The Neighbourhood Character is a founder and core leader of Woodwork Collective, an intersectional collective conceived with the purpose to create alternative avenues for socio-cultural mobility, professional self-empowerment, and transnational interchange in creative industries. interview and portraits

Mixtape 79 by JADA


When Jada talks about her passion, her tone gets a philosophical touch. Like she has spent many hours thinking about what movement means for an human being. Her deeply rooted passion for expressing herself through motion reaches back to her early childhood. At the age of three, the Hamburg-based DJ started dancing. Or as she calls it: imitating the samba dancers from the show collective her mother was part of.
interview, tracklist and download

Mixtape 78 by Reza Athar


With our August mix we are proud to introduce Reza Athar, DJ and co-founder of Horizon party series in the Netherlands. Focussing on Persian Funk and Rangarang he brings you back to Iran of the 70s. Please read below the little questionnaire, where Reza gives advice on record collecting and visiting Persia. Even though he is a known figure that played all over Europe he seems to be super grounded and committed to his profession. This exclusive compilation is filled with funky upbeat jams, at times very melancholic due to bluesy sequences. A lot of gems you probably haven’t heard before. One song even has a bunch of gun shots and horse riding noises in it. Which pays due to Mr. Athar’s claim to play „moods rather than genres.“ interview, tracklist and download

Mixtape 77 by Volruptus

Transhuman transmissions

How does our surrounding influence the art we make? And, speaking explicitly of music producers, does their environment affect the way they tweak and turn the knobs of their machines? You would probably answer with a yes after listening to Volruptus’ extra-terrestrial Electro and alien-ish Techno and hearing about the fact, that he’s originally hailing from Iceland. Volruptus was growing up in the picture book setting of your dreams. Fire, Ice and Techno. A cragged scenery made up of splashing geysirs, foggy cliffs, ponies and moss, moss, moss. To be precise about his point of origin, let’s put it in his own words: ’101 Reykjavik, baby!’ interview, tracklist and download

Mixtape 76 by Mari Sakurai

“I’m not very good at English, so I think there are some places where I couldn’t answer well.“

Dear reader, do the math: if Mari Sakurai was 15 years old when she was clubbing for the first time and she’s djing since six years, how old is she now? Exactly, we don’t know and Mari won’t tell. What we do know is, that she’s mixing way beyond 150bpm because she was playing at the TISSUE N°666FFF release party at Koara Bar in Shibuya, Tokyo. We also know she spends a lot of time walking her dogs and we learned she prefers to choose punk songs when Karaoke. She’s involved in protest raves and organises queer and sex positive parties in Tokyo. interview, tracklist and download