Mixtape 86 by LAZERCAT

Cats, Violins, Bass


Covid-19 has many downsides, but also some good ones: it makes people pick up new or forgotten hobbies. Same applies to Lazercat. The Berlin-based, Canada raised DJ and producer used to play the violin for more than 15 years. After a long break, she recently picked it up again. Describing herself in three simple words, Lazercat would go by crazy cat lady. And as her full bio says: producer, DJ, outsider. let me know more

Soft Around the Edges:
Leo Luchini & Nasty King Kurl


On “This Far Thru” Leo Luchini invited Nasty King Kurl to collaborate on an EP that breathes the current stream of internet aesthetics with catchy rap and club reminiscent beats. Within the work of Luchini, whose output has been highly collaborative through and through and Nasty King Kurl’s brand of snotty but sexy feel for rhythm and beat, what would happen if the collaboration went further? please tell me

Mixtape 85 by DJ Kobex

Le Freak


The power of music compilations has been underrated ever since. No matter if CD or vinyl, digging out the right one at the right time can make for a game-changing momentum in potentially every DJ’s path. That case also applies to DJ Kobex, who dug out “Egypt, Egypt” by Egyptian Lover on a comp. The track, that first came out on Freak Beat Records in 1984, is one of these key tunes that shaped the style DJ Kobex adores more than every other genre: 80s electro funk. really?!

Uncommon Nasa:
The Dimension, Uncommon

At the same time label boss, progressive lyricist and sound producer, Uncommon Nasa (and by extension Uncommon Records) is the name, by which experimental rap innovates, transmits and connects the message, the form. Since Definitive Jux and with 17 years of presence as a label, Uncommon Nasa shares his vision with us – alive and direct from Staten Island in the year 2021. let me know

Mixtape 84 by Stevie Whisper

Pills and X’s


„We got shittons of vaccines from China before everybody else.” Now add a big LOL to Stevie Whisper’s statement to the question, what the authorities in his hometown do to help creatives in pandemic times, and you’ll have a clue about his snotty attitude. Born, raised and staying in Belgrade ever since, the DJ and label head of YES started his musical path in the hardcore scene back in the early zero-zero’s. let me know more

Mixtape 83 by Tim Toh

Tzz tzz tzz and beyond —

Imagine yourself somewhere in the middle of Germany, precisely: the Rhein-Main area. It’s the year 2000 and Chris Liebing is spreading some wisdom: “It’s techno music, anyone can do it. So do I. It’s just the same tzz tzz tzz thing going on and on, right?” When you ask Tim Toh about when and how he got into electronic music, it’s this quote he’s digging out of the depths of his subconscious. let’s go beyond

Mixtape 82 by Garçon Taupe

Kind of an Outsider

Sometimes it just takes one click to know what it’s all about. In Garçon Taupe’s case it’s that click on the play button of his mixtape. First, you’ll hear some twisted analog synth cranking it’s way into your auditory system. Second, there it is: a nasty, dusty, raw kick, probably originating from some vintage drum machine that has collected heaps of dust over the years. get to know more

Mixtape 81 by DJ Maik


“What can I tell!? My mothership and closest friends come together with ‘Solid Rotation’. We started in 2014 with small basement raves and a radio show in Jena, which was broadcasted for 6 years at Radio Lotte in Weimar, before we recently switched to Sphere Radio in Leipzig. Shortly after, the idea to form a label came up, because we didn’t know where to put all the money from the parties. need money?