Mixtape 72 by Phil Evans

New mixtape, who dis?

Ring ring! Or should we rather say beep beep? Actually you can’t receive calls with a pager. But who needs to talk while the music is playing anyways? Still, we had a little chat with Phil Evans, who’s not only running Pager Records alongside Markus Sommer, but is also sharing the decks with his partner in crime regularly at Offenbach’s sweet spot, Robert Johnson. Besides this, the Frankfurt-am-Main-based DJ has also put out a few EPs so far and has even made his first steps in producing soundscapes for the theatre. more information and download

Mixtape 71 by Space Drum Meditation

Trees green, sounds dark

Birds singing, kids yelling, spacious front gardens and cute single family houses next to plush mansions. Visiting Space Drum Meditation being at it in their Hamburg studio, one notices an uncanny contrast of the calm and friendly neighbourhood to the twisted and peculiar sounds that are coming through the monitor speakers. more information, tracklist and download

Mixtape 70 by Best Boy Electric

Education Is Key

Early education is key. Ask Best Boy Electric. It wasn’t only the music taste of her mother that inspired the DJ with an early infusion of punk and the Drexciyan sound (a combo that, by the way, seems to make a lot of sense). Also her uncle, who is a DJ and collector as well, sent his niece Electro gems on a regular basis when she was a youngster. more information, tracklist and download

Mixtape 69 by Arsy 1

Choosing Berlin and having more than one alias is not everything that Arsy and Christopher Rau – who contributed the last TISSUE Mixtape – have in common. On top, both are mates and share their mutual love for electronic music, which comes along rather quirky and free-spirited than polished and crowd-pleasing. more information, tracklist and download

Mixtape 68 by Christopher Rau

F is for fandom

There are many reasons why musicians choose to release under more than just one moniker. For some it simply has practical reasons. For others, like Christopher Rau, it’s pure fandom. The former-Hamburg-now-Berlin-based producer has always been fascinated by fellow sound geeks like Polarius aka Nomad Ninja aka Legowelt – these are, by the way, only 3 of 37 (!) aliases of the Dutch producer. But back to Southern Germany, precisely: Landshut. more information and download

Mixtape 67 by Spunky

41 years, tears tears tears. While salty drops were dripping on the eastern German ground, caused by broken hearts and caged minds, creativity was rising from the ashes of post-war Deutschlands de- and repression. „In der DDR hat man von mir eine Weltanschauung verlangt, ohne dass ich die Welt anschauen durfte.” This quote by GDR singer Manfred Krug can be translated to: „The GDR wanted me to have an idea about the world – without letting me explore it.” more information, tracklist and download