Mixtape 65 by Capablanca

Easy Listening is aweful. It’s composed for only one reason: to give us the impression, that „everything is just fine”. But sometimes nothing is just fine. Cut it short: Easy Listening is the biggest garbage dump in the history of music genres. It’s even worse than (insert name of a band you really hate) and german Schlager combined. Easy Listening makes me sad. God, does anyone have a TISSUE?
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Mixtape 64 by Undermind

From Potsdam to Berlin. From Tacheles to Humboldthain. From Eclecticism to Eclecticism. Consider this a short bio of Oliver Jungnick aka Undermind. The booker and founder of Berlin-Wedding’s club Humboldthain seems to be one of those who easily reach their next level by – ya’ll know it – going with the flow.  more information, tracklist and download


Morph is a Copenhagen-based visual community and creative studio, founded to create a space for artists looking to broaden their works’ social impact and reach. Born out of Copenhagen’s youth cultural movements, Morph explores visions of tomorrow’s society by re-thinking conventional narratives and aesthetics – hacking commercial platforms with an activist agenda. Read more


Lény Bernay & Axelle Stiefel are Jardin & Eve. Here is a digital exchange between the Belgium- and Switzerland-based artists about their collaboration partially published on Jardin’s third LP ÉPÉE, released September 14 via Le Turc Mécanique and Cultural Workers.

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Mixtape 62 by Isabelle

When I met Isabelle in 2016 for the first time she was in her early twenties. She still is. She’s in my clique. She’s smart, she’s zen and she got the looks. She knows. She’s my plug to Hamburg’s fresh talents – music and art-wise. She’s down. She’s my hidden champion. She’s trusting and she’s my saviour – at least when we were playing Garbicz Festival together this summer at Haus Seepferdchen. Big up! more information, tracklist and download