Mixtape 98 by Felde

Interview, portrait and tracklist hopefully coming soon …

Mixtape 94 by Dangermami

Nothing but Bangers

Dangermami is one of those rising stars of the scene who started DJing during lockdown. In 2020, she bought her first second hand decks: 850 CDJs with a screen that was ‘kind of a nightmare’ as she explains to us. But when the going gets tough the tough get going, right? So eventually she got the gist of the gear and turned her time in covid isolation into something very fruitful. Not only because the Berlin-based artist learned how to DJ pretty quick, but also by founding Femme Bass Mafia. FBM is a program that is mentoring women, trans and non-binary people who want to learn how to play records, but are missing the opportunities, financial means or a safer space to feel comfortable practicing. interview, portrait, tracklist

Mixtape 93 by O-WELLS

Dinosaurs and The Craze

It didn’t turn out exactly how young Lennard Poschmann imagined his life as a grown up: As a kid, he wanted to become an archaeologist and dig for dinosaurs. Even though he’s not hunting for something that’s millions of years old, still O-Wells is on a constant treasure hunt – for records. interview, portrait, tracklist

Mixtape 92 by Nelson Brandt (Nepumuk/Knowsum)

Take Off Your Shoes Please —

You probably heard of knowsum, as he produces a big variety of music and comes as an insider tip for unconventionally funky instrumentals. And if you are into German rap you surely know Nepumuk, infamous for his stinging comparisons as well as his articulate yet smooth flow that is not afraid to ascend into singing. But whom you likely never heard of before was Nelson Brandt, but here he comes with what was to be expected sophisticated funk-eclecticism. interview, portrait, tracklist