Mixtape 78 by Reza Athar


With our August mix we are proud to introduce Reza Athar, DJ and co-founder of Horizon party series in the Netherlands. Focussing on Persian Funk and Rangarang he brings you back to Iran of the 70s. Please read below the little questionnaire, where Reza gives advice on record collecting and visiting Persia. Even though he is a known figure that played all over Europe he seems to be super grounded and committed to his profession. This exclusive compilation is filled with funky upbeat jams, at times very melancholic due to bluesy sequences. A lot of gems you probably haven’t heard before. One song even has a bunch of gun shots and horse riding noises in it. Which pays due to Mr. Athar’s claim to play „moods rather than genres.“ interview, tracklist and download

Mixtape 77 by Volruptus

Transhuman transmissions

How does our surrounding influence the art we make? And, speaking explicitly of music producers, does their environment affect the way they tweak and turn the knobs of their machines? You would probably answer with a yes after listening to Volruptus’ extra-terrestrial Electro and alien-ish Techno and hearing about the fact, that he’s originally hailing from Iceland. Volruptus was growing up in the picture book setting of your dreams. Fire, Ice and Techno. A cragged scenery made up of splashing geysirs, foggy cliffs, ponies and moss, moss, moss. To be precise about his point of origin, let’s put it in his own words: ’101 Reykjavik, baby!’ interview, tracklist and download

Mixtape 75 by Cryptofauna

Forever – Do what you want. Always only do what you want. And especially – never do something that you don’t want.

Cryptofauna’s approach to life seems to be driven by an intuitive, exploratory sense, a somewhat punky attitude with a deep-rooted urge for poetry that functions as an afterimage of Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft’s legacy. Last year she quit her 9 to 5 to follow her intuitions and moved to Berlin. Comparable to Delgado she performs in a sophisticated duo called Epikur with her longtime affiliate and partner Eddie Ness. With her homage to DAF’s recently deceased Gabi Delgado-López, Cryptofauna created a sincere deep cut featuring rare and lesser-known songs of the band and their projects. interview, tracklist and download

Mixtape 74 by Ol’ Dirty Basquiat


When he was a youngster, he told his parents that he wanted to learn turntablism. His father’s reply: Go get my old trombone and start learning to play that one. „It took some time, but I bought my own equipment. Nevertheless my parents are very supportive”, says Ol’ Dirty Basquiat aka Simon Lunkenheimer. And it’s true, how parents are indeed very supportive. We at TISSUE know that, because we experienced it ourselves while working on our print issue TISSUE N°666FFF. Fun fact: Simon’s parents run their traditional winery „Weingut Ewald Lunkenheimer“ in the secluded countryside of Nahe Valley. When the idea of an exclusive TISSUE grape juice came up, they immediately helped us out with producing the badge. (You’re into juicy stuff? The edition will be available here soon.) interview, tracklist and download

Mixtape 72 by Phil Evans

New mixtape, who dis?

Ring ring! Or should we rather say beep beep? Actually you can’t receive calls with a pager. But who needs to talk while the music is playing anyways? Still, we had a little chat with Phil Evans, who’s not only running Pager Records alongside Markus Sommer, but is also sharing the decks with his partner in crime regularly at Offenbach’s sweet spot, Robert Johnson. Besides this, the Frankfurt-am-Main-based DJ has also put out a few EPs so far and has even made his first steps in producing soundscapes for the theatre. more information and download