Mixtape 93 by O-WELLS

Dinosaurs and The Craze

It didn’t turn out exactly how young Lennard Poschmann imagined his life as a grown up: As a kid, he wanted to become an archaeologist and dig for dinosaurs. Even though he’s not hunting for something that’s millions of years old, still O-Wells is on a constant treasure hunt – for records. interview, portrait, tracklist

Mixtape 92 by Nelson Brandt (Nepumuk/Knowsum)

Take Off Your Shoes Please —

You probably heard of knowsum, as he produces a big variety of music and comes as an insider tip for unconventionally funky instrumentals. And if you are into German rap you surely know Nepumuk, infamous for his stinging comparisons as well as his articulate yet smooth flow that is not afraid to ascend into singing. But whom you likely never heard of before was Nelson Brandt, but here he comes with what was to be expected sophisticated funk-eclecticism. interview, portrait, tracklist

Mixtape 91 by GROPINA

Tuscan childhood dreams —

Everyone who’s in involved in the musical universe in whatever way has this story. One that talks about how they got into the world of sound as a child. Some will tell you about their older brother or sister. Others will brag about the seven instruments they started playing from an early age on (sorry for the slight sarcasm here which is likely to derive from the failed attempt of my parents trying to send me to piano class when I was five). There are these tales of people who started rocking the decks at the age of nine in their children’s room. And there’s the classic story which is revolving around a house filled with music: a fruitful early education driven by parents who are naturally passing on their love for music to their offspring. interview, portrait, tracklist

Mixtape 90 by Soft George

Not the elbow kind of digger —

If you’ve been going out in Hamburg around 2010 but the name Molotow doesn’t ring a bell to you? Well, you probably missed a shitload of fun. Ask Soft George about it. The DJ, music collector and co-owner of record shop Plattenrille played his very first gig at the iconic indie venue where “Love Will Tear Us Apart” has been played out each weekend at least as many times as I’ve been ordering a shot at the bar. Which means: a lot. interview, portrait, tracklist

Lisa Boostani — Beatus

An isolated society evolves on the outskirts of the city, living by its own rules. The characters move in spaces where artwork is arranged in small shrines so people can make their rituals. In search of an elsewhere, a possible escape and filled with a desire for emancipation and liberation, they invoke their body’s felt sense to find freedom. The film questions the absurdity of the system and its relationship to control. In this world on the verge of collapse, people, nevertheless, find their way to a new enlightenment. let me see

Mixtape 89 by Milch

“Die Milch Macht’s.”

Milch is a DJ based in Toronto, Canada. It is also the German term for milk. “Die Milch macht’s.” is the slogan of an advertising of German milk industry lobby from the late 1980s. It could translate like it’s the milk that makes it. Today everybody knows this is a lie. But it’s true that Milch made it: a fun and playful mix all in and around her favourite BPM, 100! let me drink

Mixtape 88 by 11schnull

Drei, vier, Polizei


11schnull is pronounced “eins-eins-schnull.” This plain, language-based info might seem a bit trivial first. It’s a side note that shouldn’t be skipped though, as it’s important for understanding A. the headline of this story and B. where 11schnull is drawing his creative energy from. Described in his own words, 11schnull “sounds a bit like 1-1-0, which is the phone number of German police, but way more stupid.” call 11schnull

Mixtape 87 by Crusat

Challenge Accepted


When it comes to digging new music, Crusat’s approach is all about finding fresh and challenging tunes. What maybe doesn’t sound too surprising is gonna make a lot of sense when checking out her mix for TISSUE. A few minutes should be enough and you’ll know what the two terms fresh and challenging really mean. accept challenge