Lisa Boostani — Beatus

An isolated society evolves on the outskirts of the city, living by its own rules. The characters move in spaces where artwork is arranged in small shrines so people can make their rituals. In search of an elsewhere, a possible escape and filled with a desire for emancipation and liberation, they invoke their body’s felt sense to find freedom. The film questions the absurdity of the system and its relationship to control. In this world on the verge of collapse, people, nevertheless, find their way to a new enlightenment.

Beatus is a film and an exhibition directed by Lisa Boostani. It took place in the center of art residency Poush Manifesto in Clichy. As a metaphor from another world, the scenography recreates the living spaces of a fictitious society through a set of four rooms – the bedroom, the dining room, circuit and meditation space.

Director: Lisa Boostani
Production: Mateo Murga, Pablo Gerschuni
Editor: Lisa Boostani, Erin Bowser
Set designer: Pierre Vaillant
Assistant: Mélina Bourboulou
Sound designer: Gerard Civat
Music: Zombie Zombie
Graphic designer: Lennert Chevalier
Color: Biel Geli, Sauvage TV
Electrician: Come Naulleau
Stylist: Rosemary Browning, Luis Manteiga
Hair stylist: Yumiko Hikage, Eduardo Bravo
Assistant: Louma Zayati, Hyacintha Faustino
Make up artist: Hugo Villard Clothilde Puvis de Chavannes
Assistant: Sarah Courroy
Cast director: Marie Levy
Cast: Samuel Fasse, Amelye Solange, Jan Melk, Meng Ji, Rebecca Baby, Cyril Debon, Emma Giardina, Achraf Jendane
Masks: Chevaline Corporation
Fashion: Diane Gaignoux, Bless Service, Marianna Ladreyt, Vesqmojo, Maison Mourcel, Lewis Du Surget, Collectif Gamut et Femme d’Intérieur.
Artists involved in the exhibition: Marion Artense Gély, Julia Borderie, Apollinaria Broche, Amélie Bernard, Pierre Clement, Chevaline Corporation, Melchior De Tinguy, Cyril Debon, Samuel Fasse, Max Fouchy, Diane Gaignoux, Cyrielle Gulacsy, Michel Jocaille, Jan Melka, Benoit Menard, Orta Miklos, Boryana Petkova, Clara Rivault, Jack Rothert Garcia, Taras Sereda, Valentin Viebinet & Romy Texier, Jesse Wallace

Lisa Boostani is a Paris based artist and performer. She works as director and photographer in the field of fashion, music and art.
There’s a perfect view of the exhibition at Poush Manifesto on Purple Diary:

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