TISSUE Magazine Mixtape


Interview w/ OL’ DIRTY BASTARD (Mixtape 74) »I HAD THIS MEGALOMANIC PLAN TO GET EVERYBODY STONED JUST FROM LISTENING.« Booyaka, interview’s up on our homepage! Nadja Preyer talked to Ol’ Dirty Basquiat about Ganja, parents, juice, privilege, “weirdo rap”, Ästhetik and what he’s going to do on 4/20. The portrait is shot by Tatiana Vdovenko. […]

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It’s his fault!

Blender is currently working on Mixtape 73. This is a very special one for us, because it was his idea and motivation to start the TISSUE Magazine Mixtape Series more than 7 years ago. So, from the mysteriously missing Mixtape No. 1 originally compiled by Blender (known as DJ Clap at that time) back in […]

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Mixtape 69 by Arsy 1

Choosing Berlin and having more than one alias is not everything that Arsy and Christopher Rau – who contributed the last TISSUE Mixtape – have in common. On top, both are mates and share their mutual love for electronic music, which comes along rather quirky and free-spirited than polished and crowd-pleasing.

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