Mixtape 81 by DJ Maik

DJ MAIK IN HIS OWN WORDS: “What can I tell!? My mothership and closest friends come together with ‘Solid Rotation’. We started in 2014 with small basement raves and a radio show in Jena, which was broadcasted for 6 years at Radio Lotte in Weimar, before we recently switched to Sphere Radio in Leipzig. Shortly […]

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Mixtape 80 by The Neighbourhood Character

NOT COMPROMISING Ari Lawrence, aka The Neighbourhood Character, has been steadily researching and creating in Berlin for the past nine years. An enthusiastic producer, instrumentalist, vocalist, and selector, Ari’s practice widely reflects their collaborative spirit. In addition to pursuing interventionist research around politics and praxes of marginalised electronic producers as a doctoral candidate at Goldsmiths […]

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Mixtape 76 by Mari Sakurai

“I’m not very good at English, so I think there are some places where I couldn’t answer well.“ Dear reader, do the math: if Mari Sakurai was 15 years old when she was clubbing for the first time and she’s djing since six years, how old is she now? Exactly, we don’t know and Mari […]

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