TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 46
by Speckmann

“Perfect for teeth brushing or weed puffing, feet touching, street hustling!”. This mixtape will save your week, at least your Monday. It is compiled by one of Hamburg’s nicest, former Golden Pudel Club resident: The Speckman. “Speck” means ham. Don’t laugh it’s real and it’s nice, and his mix is here to prove it.

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TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 45
by Robert Dietz

’99 Basement Hits is the name of TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 45. This throwback premium collection of 90s techno and house tracks is a personal selection made by Robert Dietz, co-owner and founder of TBT Records, now living in Berlin.

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TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 44
by Perila

The first time we were able to experience Perila was when the whole Berlin Community Radio posse came into town for the amazing BCR Hamburg at Uebel & Gefährlich in August last year. Luckily, she provided us with this month’s TISSUE Magazine Mixtape called Deep Connection.

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TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 39
by Broshuda

Graphic designer, illustrator and music producer Broshuda has made this calming mix for TISSUE this month. Supersmooth and easy, Broshuda moves between ambient, experimental, classical and rock without changing the core feeling of the mix: dreamy and melancholic.

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TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 37
by L.F.T.

Mystery Man, as he has been called, aka L.F.T. from the WoodWork label has made this month’s amazingly atmospheric and mystic mixtape for TISSUE Magazine. L.F.T. stands for… oh, no one knows. According to himself: ”… because the world wouldn’t understand”. Maybe so, but what the world can understand, though maybe mystic, is his talent […]

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TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 36

ACOID aka Philipp, is a part of the Berlin artist collective Live From Earth and he is a master of mixing deep soft bouncing beats that go straight to your hips. He comes around lots of different genres from ghetto tech over juke and footwork to Miami bass – everything heavily influenced by hip hop […]

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TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 34 by LUX

She simply made the perfect mix for lazy summer days: get lost in the dreamy universe of charming Lux of Giegling Posse. So atmospheric and melodic that you just want to hug her too – as she seems to embody the music she mixes calm and dreamy strings and drones, experimental and dis-rythmic electronic music […]

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