Giovanni Marks —
File Under ”Crev“

Following the release of “Fall All Over/Dead October” [Get Crev Labs, 2020] our author Karl Hadrian Delgas initiated a dialogue with Giovanni Marks, who represents the colours of the Californian beat scene like no other.

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‘Eyes Looking High Up At The Abstract Sky’

Even though her graffiti-inspired anti-aesthetics can silence any real-keeper within seconds, Nika’s approach is mainly focused on performative strategies. In this editorial feature — originally laid out by Stephan Idé for TISSUE N°666FFF — she focuses on the potential of ambiguity triggered by the abstraction of the sky.

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Mihai Barabancea
Falling On Blades*

“It doesn’t always kill you, but it always hurts. And still you’ve got to […] keep going. I find this ability to roll with the punches, to take the pain and adapt to circumstances, in my subjects: gypsies, beggars, crooks, vagabonds, underdogs, conmen, buskers and various shady characters in Romania and Moldova. My object is […]

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