l’appel du vide

by Sofia Blu Cremaschi and Giulia Ballabio

Uncomfortable movements captured in harmony, creating a sense of emptiness in this fine knitwear and lingerie editorial. L’appel du vide is the inner and irrational urge to jump off a high bridge or building without being suicidal. For the artists it is a metaphor for entering space in a fearless way.











Photography: Sofia Blu Cremaschi
Art Direction: Giulia Ballabio
Styling: Julia Beo
Hair/Make Up: Marta Mariotti
Models: Sara, Ludovica, Naomi, Alexandra
Additional Black & White Photography: Giulia Ballabio

Sofia Blu Cremaschi
Julia Beo
Marta Mariotti

Giulia Ballabio

“L’appel du vide, literally “the call of the void,” is a French phrase used to refer to intrusive thoughts or the urge to engage in a self-destructive behavior during everyday life.” (Wikipedia)