TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 41
by Markus Schwarz

Markus Schwarz is the man behind this month’s TISSUE mix presenting two hours of solid techno.

Markus, who together with his partner Clark Davis, founded the label DSTRT 66 in 2015, has been digging deep into his record collection from the 90s going back to his roots and influences. As a result he compiled a two hour set featuring analogue productions only.

American techno from the 80s and 90s are dominating his selection. It is rich of spacey synthesizers, bold drum sounds and hypnotizing vocals. A sound our head of mixtapes, christoph moerl, still remembers from his younger days even though he passed out during one of Markus’ legendary sets. But thank god, the unconscious mind of a real head never forgets.

Highly recommended – a 5/5 Star review by Christoph Moerl, the head of our mixtapes series:
„… this guy Markus Schwarz being one of the main faces (at least for me) of our local DJ scene in the end of the 90ies kinda passing out on a private party at legendary Gremmelin Basement during his set around the year 2000 – with that (as far as I can barely remember) he might have put unintentionally the last puzzle part into starting collecting records. One of the first I bought was #29 in this 120min mix in which he was asked to bring back these days for the last episode of TISSUE Magazine Mixtapes. Big up, Markus! You should have known I am bringing up this story.“

The cover of this mix is an excerpt of Roman Schramm’s Leg series: https://tissuemagazine.com/?p=6657

Introduction jingle by Meghan Edwards aka Miss M.E. aka Harmony Horizon
Words by Emilie Engbirk

1 I-F -The Man With The Stick (Disko B)
2 Savas Pascalidis – Robotokoku (Kurbel)
3 Chaos a.k.a. Marc Floyd – Afrogermanic (Underground Resistance)
4 Chaos a.k.a. Marc Floyd – Afrogermanic (Underground Resistance)
5 Voice Stealer – Undercover (Subvert)
6 Japanese Telecom – Mounting Yoko (International Deejay Gigolos)
7 Model 500 – No UFO ́s (Vocal) (Metroplex)
8 Japanese Telecom – Virtual Geisha (she interacts) (International Deejay Gigolos)
9 I-F Quest (Part 1) (Disko B)
10 Voice Stealer – Acrobat (Subvert)
11 Anthony Rother – Dont Stop The Beat (Full Audio Version) (PSI49Net)
12 K-Alexi – Vertigo (Transmat)
13 Christopher Just – I Love The Acid Too (Giant Wheel)
14 Bam Bam – Where Is Your Child (Desire Records)
15 DJ Rush – Freaks On Hubbard (Dave Clarke Mix) (Pro-Jex)
16 The Advent – Brassik (Kombination Research)
17 Umek – Lanicor (Consumer Recreation)
18 DJ Rok – The Cheap Stuff (Müller Records)
19 Phortune – Can You Feel The Bass (House Mix) (Hot Mix 5 Music)
20 Random Noise Generation – Instrument Of Change (430 West)
21 Bernard Badie – I Can Feel It (Club Use Only) (Night Club Records)
22 Nick Holder – Erotic Illusion (DNH Records)
23 Tronikhouse – Smooth Groove (The Smooth Mix) (K.M.S. Records)
24 3MB feat. Eddie Flashin Fowlkes – Illuminism Range 1-5 (Tresor)
25 Eloi Brunelle – Groove (Night Drive Music)
26 Credit 00 – Free Bonus Loop 4 (Rat Life Records)
27 Chip E., Inc. – Time To Track (D.J. International Records)
28 Andre Kronert – Odd Funk (Night Drive Music)
29 Foremost Poets – Moonraker (Shake ́s Thug Futura Remix) (International Deejay Gigolos)
30 Shake – The 5% Solution (Metroplex)
31 Number Of Names – Shari Vari (Ectomorph Remix) (Puzzlebox Records)
32 Bobby Konders – House Rhythems – Nervous Acid (Nu Groove Records)
33 Dopplereffekt – Cellular Phone (Dataphysix)
34 Elbee Bad – Tech House Dub (Intro) (Nu Groove Records)
35 Aphrodisiac – Song Of The Siren (Nu Groove Records )