Love Curly

LOVE CURLY — Ukraina Strong

The idea of what constitutes good art in Post-Maidan Ukraine still seems to be rooted in the old principles: work hard and conform to established standards of beauty. Sure, success might eventually come — though even that is unlikely due to a poorly developed infrastructure of galleries and collectors — but what’s worse: the output […]

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A BAKED COLOURING BOOK by Love Curly Hey, after all this April’s 420 postings, let us not forget that we are a serious art publication. Today is the day to unleash your own creativity and let out your inner artist. Together with Love Curly we prepared a printable DIY colouring book for you. It’s like […]

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Happy New Year

Happy new year to everybody! May 2017 be a little less miserable for all of us. Team TISSUE will keep trying to contribute to that. Special thanks to visual artist Love Curly from Kiev for another artwork. Visitez:

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