by Love Curly

Hey, after all this April’s 420 postings, let us not forget that we are a serious art publication. Today is the day to unleash your own creativity and let out your inner artist. Together with Love Curly we prepared a printable DIY colouring book for you. It’s like painting Mandalas, but much more fun. You only need one sheet of paper, print out the layout above, fold it two times and your mini booklet is ready to be coloured by yourself. Please don’t hesitate to share your results with us. The spirit is free and so are you.

Outgoing sexuality and teasing clownliness marks the work of Kyiv based artist Love Curly. Speaking of Kyiv: we’re quite sad that we are not able to travel to Ukraine this April for the release of TISSUE N°666FFF. It was supposed to be the last stop on our promotion tour after Tokyo, Amsterdam and Berlin. And you know why? Because Her Clownlyness Love Curly is featured in our latest edition. Still available online here: store.tissuemagazine.com/

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