Mixtape 62 by Isabelle

When I met Isabelle in 2016 for the first time she was in her early twenties. She still is. She’s in my clique. She’s smart, she’s zen and she got the looks. She knows. She’s my plug to Hamburg’s fresh talents – music and art-wise. She’s down. She’s my hidden champion. She’s trusting and she’s my saviour – at least when we were playing Garbicz Festival together this summer at Haus Seepferdchen. Big up!

Isabelle is one of the heads of POSSY. A go-getting posse to watch!I am proud to feature her in our longterm mixtape series. Isabelle is here to stay.

The picture to this mix is shot by glorious Heather Glazzard from London. It’s an excerpt of her story on vulnerability with words by Lorenz Hartwig. Follow the link: tissuemagazine.com/series/embracing-vulnerability/

Introduction jingle by Harmony Horizon
Words by Uwe Bermeitinger
Portrait by Noah Moerbeck

Tornado Wallace – Primitivo Apperitivo
Thilo Dietrich – Othello
Manmade Deejay – Viper
OGE Untiteled A
Enzo Siracusa Foreal
Unbroken Dub 10.10
Agrippa – Mygraine Urgraine
Roza Terenzi – Strobe Fountain
Jacob Todd – The Methaphysics Of Paper