TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 56

Digging deeper. For a lot of music lovers, this is the ultimate sensual experience. An addiction. And at some point, it´s not about quantity anymore. Quality becomes the game changer. Step by step, simple collecting converts into universal knowledge. The whole thing is expanding into a self-imposed mission of finding something bigger than “just another record“. Something buried in the midst of dust and dirt. Yet unknown or already forgotten. Hidden gems. Never risen from the darkest, most secluded souterrains this planet has to offer. For such freaks, music is more than a feeling. It´s life. Sure avantgarde, pure underground baby.

One of these rare freaks is Saulk Regurk from somewhere in France. His freaky baby: Mélodiés Souterraines, a label hard to put into a pigeonhole. In his own words, “the music released on Mélodies Souterraines ranges from dark No-Tech, through IDM/abstract Electro to New-Wave, Synth Pop and very heavy psychedelic Electronic Music…“ Actually we could keep on reciting Regurk´s descriptions here, because they sound quite on point.

So here´s another fun fact: “Based in a place without light, giving way to magnetic waves and black water arising from human soul… Mélodies Souterraines welcomes the harsh side of electronic music, originating directly from cold water currents whose velocity can impact humans and make them join the depths.“ Amen.
While the label already mentioned is based on compilations, the latest imprint Saulk Regurk launched strictly releases albums and singles, no VA-stuff. Even though it´s called Musiques Electroniques Actuelles, you can expect music from other decades on it, too. That´s also what both labels have in common: they link the realms of past and present music.

And that is also what Regurk´s TISSUE mixtape does. It melts mainly IDM, Electro and Experimental from the 90s with current output of these genres. And of course you´ll find loads of unreal(esed) homemade stuff in the mix.
Yup, this text is deep. But it was written for a label that is quite deep, too. You might excuse the banal wording of „deepness“, but it actually nails it. How deep is your love? Well… As deep as you can dig.

Photos by Roeg Coen, excerpt of TISSUE N°1
Introduction jingle by Meghan Edwards aka Miss M.E. aka Harmony Horizon
Words by Nadja Preyer

Science Patrol – Dereks in the Desert(to be released in April, Mélodies Souterraines)
Neud Photo – OVID (From “Q/R” compilation, Mélodies Souterraines, 2017)
Леспинасс Гийом & Лyи Дe Лa Гekчe – Diskoteka Diskophonia (to be released in April, Mélodies Souterraines)
Funk Störung – Bastard (Interr-Ference Communications, 1997)
Beaumont Hannant – *** (GPR, 1994)
Funk Störung – Sagamore (Interr-Ference Communications, 1997)
Beaumont Hannant – Toxicity (GPR, 1994)
Funk Störung – Radio (Interr – Ference Communications, 1997)
Art Teachers – Cold White Funk
Rhythm & Noise – *** (Ralph Records)
Isak Anderssen – Roulette (to be released in April, Mélodies Souterraines)
Wosto – Kohlenpottedit Eins (From “S/T” compilation, Mélodies Souterraines, 2017)
Chen Yi – (90% Wasser, 2006)
Brain Pilot – Emit ( Nova Zembla, 1995)
Zru Vogue – Penetrating Octavia (to be released in March, Musiques Electroniques Actuelles)

Please pay special attention to:
1. the intro: “Dereks in the desert” by Science Patrol / Mélodies Souterraines / coming April
2. “OVID” by Neue Photo / Mélodies Souterraines / already released
3. “Diskoteka Diskophonia” by Леспинасс Гийом & Лyи Дe Лa Гekчe / Mélodies Souterraines / coming April
11. “Roulette” by Isak Anderssen / Mélodies Souterraines / coming April
12. Wosto – “Kohlenpottedit Eins” / Mélodies Souterraines / already released
the last track: “Penetrating Octavia” by Zru Vogue / Musiques Electroniques Actuelles / coming March