TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 49
by DJ Warzone

We don’t know much about the man behind DJ Warzone: he looks like a dog, he got tats, he’s interested in public transportation – especially trains, his side hustle is selling dope metal gear to eager metal heads, he lives in Vienna, he’s a student of Daniel Richter and he’s dropping a record soon. We do know: TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 49 is a ghetto tech’ish burner and goes by the name Servin’em Heat.


The portraits of doggy WARZONE were shot by Lukas Gansterer, Team TISSUE member from the beginning and cover photographer of TISSUE Magazine N°3.





DJ Warzone answered his questions with song titles. Still mysterious, but may it helps you to get a feeling for the man behind the myth:

Where are you from?
From Beyond (Massacre)

Where do you live?
Enchanted Land (Sodom)

When did you start making music?
When Glory Beckons (Bolt Thrower)

What has inspired you to start making music?
The IVth Crusade (Bolt Thrower)

What kind of music do you listen to yourself?
Forest Music (Cultus)

Random question: How do you feel about Nelly or late 90s RnB?
Felling Redundant (Napalm Death)

Do you have any idols?
Idol of the Blinds (Nuclear Winter)

What would you like people to feel or do when they listen to this mix?
My Horsemen are Unconserned with your Feelings (Throaat)

What identifies a good track according to you?
When Hammer Meets Bone (Autopsy)

Who is this mix for?
Lucifer (Zeus)

Can you tell about the portaits of you shot by Lukas Gansterer?
Your Dog Smile (Entrails)

Your finale words?

Cover photo by Lukas Gansterer
Introduction jingle by Meghan Edwards aka Miss M.E. aka Harmony Horizon
Words by Emilie Engbirk

Bone Thugs – Creepin On Ah Come Up
Basic Soul Unit – Wallow – DOLLY
Dazz Band – Let It Whip
DJ Assault – I Say Uuuah
DJ Nehpets – Na Na Na
DJ Trebluf – A Jazzy Thing
Gene Hunt – Freddy’s Dead
Hugo Gerani – About Face
Gesloten Cirkel – Stakan (Murder Capital 2014)
(unreleased) – Dj Warzone
Lo Key – On That Devilshit (1994)
Moodymann – The Day We Lost the Soul / Tribute! (To the Soul We Lost)
Sharif Laffrey – Key Jam (A.C.I.D.)
Pendle Watkins – Deal With it (SUPER RHYTHM TRAX)
Person of Interest – What You Think You Want
REALITYCHECK – Diving Into Waters of the Moon [UTTU070]
Delroy Edwards – 4 club use only
Toni Moralez – Time 2 Hit Da Dope (feat. Creep E)
Cruise Family – Pro Life (original mix)
Wouldn t You Like To Be a Ho Too – DJ Slugo
Skander – Dirge 3
REALITYCHECK – Shades of Red [UTTU070]