TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 48
by Good News

June is here and TISSUE Magazine is bringing you Good News. The former Golden Pudel resident aka Tobias Duffner has been hitting the turntables for the last 20 years and can’t seem to stop. He is running the two labels poem and V I S. As he says: ”The emotion music is capable of making in you can expand your consciousness and create a parallel or third space. It’s magic.”

And Good News to keep coming, because there is so much good music out there to be discovered, which is partly why he chose this name, and which will make you never regret listening to this mix. Surpise: There is good music in every genre. Which this mix is clearly showing. ”This mix is for people that want to loose their everyday thoughts, sadness and struggle dancing to this loud.”

The cover of this mix is an excerpt of Ukraina Project by Synchrodogs featured at TISSUE Magazine’s group exhibition Ukraina Strong in June 2017.

Introduction jingle by Meghan Edwards aka Miss M.E. aka Harmony Horizon
Words by Emilie Engbirk

The Great Attractor
Mad Noise ambient mix
Acid Girl
Banned From the Mall
Baby Ford Fetish
A D8 With Plezure
East of Eden (Paradise Lost)
Jacobs Ladder
Overnight Sensation
Lloyd Owes Me a Packet
Mental Overdrive
Bass Overdose EP
The E-face
Main Harvest