TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 39
by Broshuda

Graphic designer, illustrator and music producer Broshuda has made this calming mix for TISSUE this month. Supersmooth and easy, Broshuda moves between ambient, experimental, classical and rock without changing the core feeling of the mix: dreamy and melancholic.

Broshuda has a secret passion for classical music, that is not surprising while listening to this mix. He obviously plays with different genres, tones and many layers to create the clear and unharmonic yet harmonic ambience. Whether you rock or reflect to the changing rhytms, the distorted scratches, the clearness of Japanese nostalgic tones along with the sound of rain you will feel better after this mix. And of course Aphex Twin’s remix of David Bowie’s Heroes is sort of a peak. It might make you feel like a queen. Enjoy.

Due to the summer break this mixtape is graced by a cover shot by our very own editor-in-chief Uwe Bermeitinger. It’s an excerpt of his upcoming solo exhibition “24-7 (Manie/Depression)” at Galerie Raum linksrechts in Hamburg opening Oct 29, 2016. (www.facebook.com/events/1748865025389493/)

Introduction jingle by Meghan Edwards aka Miss M.E aka Harmony Horizon
Words by Emilie Engbirk

hav lyfe – u aint bout dat lyf
damron silaas – heimhoerspiel excerpt
lenta – your sketch
anxiety support group – 90´s miniseries
joane shuda – sasha grey´s toothbrush
water copy
oval – ovalprocess 02
cloudface – on none
shantiprem verlag – orte der kraft / licht und wasser cassette excerpt
lino – capra
taylor deupree – negative snow
David Bowie – Heroes (Aphex Twin & Philipp Glass remix)
&apos – O°°O
Logos – No Skyline
Isshu – XIO202
Lutto Lento – My Number One High
Blood Room – Quinine
Actress – Metal Tiger
Yves Tumor – Slow
Jantar – Night From Four Martyrs