TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 36

ACOID aka Philipp, is a part of the Berlin artist collective Live From Earth and he is a master of mixing deep soft bouncing beats that go straight to your hips. He comes around lots of different genres from ghetto tech over juke and footwork to Miami bass – everything heavily influenced by hip hop in an alltogether slow down kinda cloud rap way.

As an 8 year old kid he started doing breakdance and got hooked on hip hop, soul, and funk. Inspired by a fresh DJ at the training, Philipp wanted to do the same thing – the DJ gave him an old record player along with some records, and that was the beginning of something he never really stopped digging – thank you for that ACOID!

In 2015 he became a part of the Berlin-based label Live From Earth and has since been a part of all of their parties.

Today he got all his influences together. He is open to play and mix most genres whatever his mood is into. On this June mix for example he mixes a deep hip hop bassline with a sweet instrumental edition of Stevie Wonders My Cherie Amour. Soft and hard at the same time – just like life!

The picture to this mix is an excerpt of a story by Anastasiia Chorna that will be published the next two weeks on tissuemagazine.com

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