TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 32

Levente’s mixtape tells the story of an unaccomplished love affair. Classic.

You are hot stuff. A great hidden sea of the unconscious. There is a first time for everything, everything is the first time. What light there is is too diffused to indicate any direction. What light there is tells us nothing. The terror of dawn is perfect as planets – perfect as the small mouse in corn – perfect as the kiss of the Queendom.
Do you remember our picnic lunch? We had a fire when we came back. The fire made us warm. I thought our love would last forever. You’re not a kid anymore down at the beach. We’re burned. And I cannot compete with you. I am about to enter into world where blackness remains and nightmare become reality. We’re burned by cold. We’re vampires.
When I look around my heart, I can see the words have spoken. It took me so long to realize the way things have to be. I wanted to live in a dream that couldn’t be real. I feel as if i might be vanishing. A great hidden sea of the unconscious. All of this, is maybe all there is. But I don’t mind, let it take it’s time ‘cause I’ve got unlimited data on the phone. And I think it’s pretty cool. I don’t name myself any pain.

The picture to this mix is an excerpt of TANYA CROFT for TISSUE and shot by Kristina Podobed.

U.S. Girls – Telephone Play No. 1
The Caretaker – The Great Hidden Sea Of The Unconscious
Eartheater – Ecdysisophis
Robert Wyatt – Tom Hay’s Fox
Current 93 – Planet
James Murphy – Match 186 Set 1
Dilly Dally – Burned By The Cold
Dolly Parton – Jolene
Knowledge – Trsh
Fraser Click – Intro
Julee Cruise – Rockin’ Back Inside My Heart
Saal 2 – Strandgefühle
DJ Spanish Fly – Cement Shoes
Tomemitsu – In Dreams
Jad Fair & David Fair – Nosferatu
Beta Librae – Pre-Teen
Eartheater – If It in Yin
Nachdenkliche Wehrpflichtige – You Say You Don´t Love Me
MissRed – Come Down
Molly Nilsson – Bus 194 (All There Is)
Eartheater – Human Hymn
Alexandrow Gesangs- und Tanzensemble der Sowjetarmee – Poi Soldat, Poi
Unknown – Hej, Dunáról fúj a szél
Andreas Dorau – Sommer Im Dornrosental
The Caretaker – The Great Hidden Sea Of The Unconscious
The Caretaker – I Feel As If I Might Be Vanishing