TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 29 by CHINASKI

Cineaste and producer Chinaski uses warm synth lines and nocturnal drums to create dark house music. Being a VHS junkie himself he creates music for theater and film and also designs his own visuals. His debut EP The Video Dead was released on Live at Robert Johnson in July, 2015. For TISSUE, we are happy he provided a no less hypnotic nightly soundtrack – écoutez and enjoy TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 29 by Chinaski.

Chinaski will be playing our fellow label Uncanny Valley‘s 5th anniversary at Sektor Evolution in Dresden on Saturday, Sep 19.

Watch Chinaski’s video for Night School below.

Chinaski – Intro
Chinaski – m. u. 2. (unreleased)
// – Testament Three
Joe Hisaishi – Act Of Violence
Mark Snow – Goon
Unknown – Unknown
Palmbomen 2 – Caitlin Ross
Unknown – Unknown
33.10.3402 – Kanap featuring Hessen Frog Ensemble
Young Hare – Don’t Be Cruel
Unknown – Unknown
Actress – Hazylude
Paki Zennaro & Gianni Visnadi – Waterlight
Cosmic New Age Ballet
Chinaski – Love#1
N.A.D. Interlude
Chinaski – Love#23_2 unreleased
Chinaski – Love#6 unreleased
Chinaski – Love#6_2 unreleased
Virtual Flannel – Pattern01
Unknown – Unknown
Rx – Strung Out
Glitchell Moore – Shanghai Opiaten
Dennis Michael Tenney – Night Of ‘The Demons Head Title
Victrola – Maritime Tatami
New Age Duo 6
Unknown – Unknown
Titam Renat – Thurian Retrogade
New Age Duo 7
A Certain Ratio – Shack Up
Duo Goodbye
Propaganda – The Chase

The picture to this mix is shot by Maxime Ballesteros and is an excerpt of TISSUE N°5.
Introduction jingle by Meghan Edwards aka Miss M.E.