TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 10

Some of you might have noticed that TISSUE Magazine loves a hot (and sweaty) rave from time to time. Mostly we like to throw our hands in the air to Hamburg based BOBBIE*. Anyhow — females are the better DJs and BOBBIE* got it all: the sound, the look and the skills. BOBBIE* is a supporter and member of Team TISSUE since high school and there won’t be any TISSUE Ultra event without her. She’s so pretty nonchalant while spinning those records—that is why we like to call her the face of TISSUE sometimes.

She is a regular host of the event series KNOCK KNOCK in Hamburg as well as a longterm associate with the infamous THIER crew. Currently she is working on her own fashion label Lies In Layers with a friend. We are dying to see it soon.

This mixtape is a journey through the depths of underground machine funk guided by dark soundscapes, dusty chords, chirping 303 modulations, diverse drum programming from our favorite cities (Chicago, Detroit) and that speical kind of soul which makes that special musical approach of BOBBIE*, our love.

Approved: This mix works for your clubbing warm-up as well as for your afterhour.

The picture to this mix is an excerpt of TISSUE N°3: a drawing by legendary MIROSLAV TICHÝ who loved the women like nobody else, courtesy Galerie Susanne Zander

Download the mixtape and follow us on soundcloud: http://bit.ly/10Zb90Q

TRACKLIST (vinyl only):
Pye Corner Audio – Sine Times Nine
Barnt – What Is A Number, That A Man May Know It?
Obsolete Music Technology – Descending
RVDS – Acid Dunes
Edward – Following You
Clouded Vision – Alien Race
Muhk – Things You Do
Christopher Rau – High
Martyn – Bad Chicago
Boddika – Soul What
DJ Jus-Ed – Trip To Hamburg
Etcher – Pelican Nebula
Paranoid London – Live At The Warehouse Project 2008
Mike Huckaby – Sandcastle (The Culture Box Re-Edit)
Andre Kronert – Dirty Old Man
Recondite – Equilibrium
Kris Wadsworth – 111 A
Mario & Vidis – Manaan
Pye Corner Audio – Recrypt