TISSUE N° 3 flip-through
(Hi-Speed version)

TISSUE N°3 on sale in Japan. Martin Eder flipping through TISSUE N°3 featuring contributions by himself as well as by Miroslav Tichý, Lukas Gansterer, Leigh Ledare, A.Activities, Adrian Crispin, Elena Kholkina, Steve Oklyn, Hanna Putz, Hans Petri, Magazine, Peter Kaaden, Fee Romero, Maxime Ballesteros, Thomas Bayrle, Andy Warhol, and Walter Dahn.Find the extended version here. Order TISSUE N°3 conviniently in our online store: http://store.tissuemagazine.com

Japanese retailers please contact Yumiko Ohchi at Marginal Press: marginalpress@gmail.com

Director: Lukas “White” Gansterer
Hands: Martin Eder
Art Direction: Uwe Jens Bermeitinger
Music: RUIN “Spring”