TISSUE Magazine N°3

A.activities — Love and Security

“It’s a pity only security see our graffiti” – only one of many instant classic quotes which emerged from A.activities‘ Love and Security. See photos of the performance as they were featured in TISSUE N°3 and the whole video here: http://bit.ly/tissue3_aactivities

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A.activities —
Love and Security

Viennese art collective A.activities reclaims the subway in a seriously good-looking act of civil disobedience. Talking about seriousness, it was quite hard to get a hold of them for TISSUE N°3 – their security precautions were no joke.

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Hans Petri — Neue Mädchen, BRD

Never one to take his art lightly, Hans Petri is known for carrying packs of his pictures with him for years just to give them that certain patina. Also, his models and him usually go way back. For his series Neue Mädchen, BRD, as featured in TISSUE N°3, he only worked with women he casted […]

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