TISSUE Magazine Radioshow 2
at Berlin Community Radio

It’s been eight months since our first TISSUE Magazine radio show at Berlin Community Radio, so we’re excited to present you our second edition now, featuring two hours of selected music, information on and around TISSUE Magazine and an interview with Lucie Santamans of IRÈNE Erotic Fanzine on the difficulties of contemporary eroticism.

Editor-in-chief Uwe Jens Bermeitinger takes you through the program and talks to our special guest Grashina Gabelmann, editor-in-chief of Flaneur Magazine. Grashina herself has been a contributor to TISSUE Magazine in the past, writing several essays, e.g. about Miroslav Tichy or Julia Warhola, mother of Andy Warhol. With Uwe, she discusses Flaneur’s newest issue, coming out in February!

Please enjoy the show and two hours of well-selected music by DJ Clap!

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