TISSUE Magazine Radioshow 2 on Berlin Community Radio

Highlight: OLIVIER ZAHM (and some real good music!)

Listen to an excerpt of the interview with Olivier Zahm by Mirna Funk for TISSUE N°4 in three parts. Yes, we know, the recording is bad quality, but you have to hear this if you are into magazines and photography!

Olivier Zahm is a photographer and the mastermind behind Purple Fashion magazine and purple DIARY and is one of the most influental persons in magazine and fashion business worldwide. The interview is split in 3 parts, on his photography, his upcoming book and his magazine.

Also enjoy Ice T, Moodymann, Kool Keith, Skatebard, Freddie Gibbs, Victrola, Claro Intelecto, In Aeternam Vale, Heinrich Dressel, Nina Hagen and other good vibes mixed by DJ CLAP.

We are also hosting a monthly mixtape series. Every mix will be premiered on BCR as well. The archive can be found here: https://soundcloud.com/tissue-magazine

We’re magazine guys and this is our first radio show, so please be patient with us!

PS: Also mind our cool introduction jingle exclusively made by Meghan Edwards aka Miss M.E from L.A.