TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 38
by DJ Longsleeve

Pull off your shirt for DJ Longsleeve formerly known as Dynamodyse. Under the name Prince of Deep, he also released his first EP Shelter on the Belgian We Play House label in 2009 and without putting this mix too much in a category it isn’t wrong to say that he is mastering the house genre pretty well.

According to himself he does give a fuck about the genre: DJ Longsleeve has a place in his heart for Detroit’s original, manyfold and at times melancholic atmospheric music that reflects the city’s industrial history.

In addition – Mathias Schmitt as a photographer and as his real name is – also takes moving and beautiful pictures. In his series from Detroit he has captured music legends as well as the nostalgic and somehow attractive emptiness of Detroit City. Check out his pictures here: http://www.mathiasschmitt.com

The picture to this mix is an excerpt of Kristina Nagel’s ‘Overknees / Ebay Studies’: https://tissuemagazine.com/?p=6072

Introduction jingle by Meghan Edwards aka Miss M.E aka Harmony Horizon
Words by Emilie Engbirk

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