TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 35

Finally back to the basement with world-famous Apeiron Crew. Although this might not be their typical selection, the four girls keep it real in this mixtape: Apeiron Crew is definitely a party crew.

The four members are Sara Svanholm, Simone Øster, Emma Blake and Najaaraq Vestbirk. They met in the Copenhagen underground scene having their passion for Techno in common. In 2014 they teamed up to form Apeiron Crew. Their success have been growing quickly – both together but also as individual DJs. While being resident at Culture Box (Copenhagens number one venue when it comes to Techno) their talent for mixing and hosting parties has given them a lot of attention worldwide.

Earlier this year they were listed by the Fader as an international female DJ collective to keep an eye on this year. We do and you should too.

The picture to this mix is an excerpt of ‘Polaroids From China’ by Sergey Melnitchenko: https://tissuemagazine.com/?p=5303

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