TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 23
by CINDY LOOPER called
“I want to make love”

Ladies first, in every way. But that’s not the only reason why we chose Cindy Looper as the first artist from Hamburg’s very own ILL collective to mix a tape for TISSUE Magazine.

Cindy Looper is a real woman about town. When she is not throwing one of her notorious Acid parties at the Golden Pudel Club or is hitting the street with her grrrl gang, she is fighting gentrification and patriarchy. She is also the co-founder of data:base, a community to push female artists and musicians from Hamburg and hopefully soon from around the world.

ILL is a Hamburg based art and music collective forming an activist group. With their smart, creative, and very often entertaining local polito actions they have a big influence on Hamburg’s scene and, of course, TISSUE Magazine.

The mix itself is pure and raw Electro as it was meant to be back in the days: Vocoder, Synthesizer and 808.
The covershot is a preview to upcoming TISSUE N°5 and taken by Jonas Lindstroem.
Introduction jingle by Meghan Edwards aka Miss M.E


Dopplereffekt – Plastiphilia
Morphology – Floating point
Luke Eargoogle – Rookie rokad
Plastic Sleeves – Third moon temple
Dopplereffekt – Scientist
DMX Krew – Not very
Fah – Not enough fahzers
Blackploid – Instellar space
CeeOnic – I´m bionic
Mr. an Mrs Dale – It´s you
The Exaltics – Some other Place
Bintus – Cylinder-Bop
Djedjotronic – Abyssal zone
Trevino – Chip
DMX Krew – Space eyes
Plant43 – Cogs are turning
DJ Stingray – Cryptic
Tronic House – Up tempo