TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 21
by MATT MORODER called
“Café Flesh”

Homeboy Matt Moroder from Hamburg (Germany) is a great influence to music lovers digging for those records nobody ever even heard of. This makes him a wanted contributor to platforms like Testpressing or Dream Chimney.

He is also running a cosy label called Little Leaf releasing nicely edits of musical rarities on an irregular basis. Nobody else but Team TISSUE helps him with the layouts to his record sleeves.

The mix he has done for us is a smooth two hour ride through the odd side of Tropical, Afro, Wave, Dark Disco and House. No tracklist this time but we are bothering him already for IDs. So if you would like to know a track drop us a line.

The picture to this mix is an excerpt of TISSUE N°4 and shot by New York based creative duo Hart + Leshkina.
Introduction jingle by MISS M.E.