TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 18

There is a lot of good stuff coming from Munich these days. German ZEITmagazin called Munich Germany’s design capital. Music wise there is also one guy to watch: Multitalent Marvin Carl Schuhmann is a DJ, one third behind TAMBIEN (ESP Institute/PP) and co-owner of Munichs very special record store/ label PUBLIC POSSESSION. Joanna Swistowski (jetzt.de-Magazin) and Rapper Ron Foto are calling him Munichs most handsome boy.

Public Possession – the record label and local record store run by Marvin himself and Valentino – is celebrating their 1 year anniversary this Saturday. We wish them all the best and can not wait to celebrate with them together some time this year. If you are in Munich be sure to visit Public Possession and if you are lucky you might crash into one of their infamous instore sessions.

Download mixtape and follow us on soundcloud: http://bit.ly/1kgmAR2

The picture to this mixtape is shot by GORSAD Kiev and a leak to a story which will be published on our upcoming new website next week.

Frank Heiss – Conspiracy (Rising High Records & DJ. Jungle Fever)
Brian Desind – Love Inside
J Velez – Big Gray Bldg (Rush Hour)
Bell Towers – J.O.M.M. (Public Possession)
I-F – The Search (Disko-B)
Kai Alce – Untitled (Mahogani)
Dungeon Acid – Astro (FIT)
Modjo – Lady (hear me tonight)
Modern-nique feat. Larry Woo – Love’s gonna get you (Plateau Records)
Don Papa – Done(Piano) (SEX TAGS)
William Orbit – Ruby Heart (I.R.S.)
K-Tronics Ensemble – Calypso of House (Dub) (City Beat)
Isaac Spayes – Bring Me Your Softness (Born Free)
Axel Boman – Fantastic Piano (Album Version) (Studio Barnhus)
Peikko & Lassi – Pula Dub (Sähkö/Puu)
Ragga Whitelabel