TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 12

French girls say ‘Oui!’ and TISSUE Magazine says: “Electro(nic) Body Music!”
Listen to the mixtape of DAVID RIMOKH, born in Vancouver, now living in Paris. DJ, producer, and founder of Zone Records. The label has released some several EPs by The Hacker, Gesaffelstein, David Carretta, Arnaud Rebotini and many more. It showcases the darker side of Techno and Electro with references to dark wave and electronic body music. His parties are legendary, and the last one we missed featured Michael Mayer. DAVID’s mixtape is a straight forward 30 minutes essence of Electro: music for your body.

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The picture to this mix is the covershot of TISSUE N°2 by MAXIME BALLESTEROS.

Download the mixtape and follow us on soundcloud: http://bit.ly/15Q434q

The Eyes In The Heat – XTRA 6 – Slight return final secret
Emile Strunz – Elan vital
Technova – Atmosphere
Anthony Rother – Destroy him my robots
Der Zyklus – Formenverwandler
Nomadic – Alphaphix (Andrea Parker remix)
Elektroids – Floatation
IF – Playstation 2
Model 500 – Night drive
Thomas Kress – Munich music making machines