Celebrating TISSUE Magazine N°5

Four hours of music exclusively compiled for TISSUE Ultra 5 reception celebrating TISSUE Magazine N°5 at Island (Hamburg), November 1st 2014.
Part 1: Ambientish soundscapes from artists like Aphex Twin, Vermont, Gigi Masin, KWC92, Mrs Jynx, Anthony Rother, RVDS, Gesloten Cirkel, Madteo and others.
Part 2: Brain Dance Electronica from artists like Four Tet, Flying Lotus, Actress, B. Fleischmann, Kutmah, Kreidler, Obalski, Patrick Cowley, Larry Heard and Anthony Rother.
Part 3: Acidic westcoast beats, proll trap and 30 minutes of golden years rap from artists like RVDS, Jimmy Edgar, Kuedo, Mr. De, Main Attrakionz, Jay Z, MF Doom, Jeru the Damaja, Big L, Nas, Arsonists, A Tribe Called Quest, Gangstarr and Cypress Hill.
Part 4: Comfortably sitting Electro from artists like Echo 106, Drexciya, Tin Man, DMX Krew, Obergman, Automatic Tasty, Der Zyklus, The Other People Place, Versalife and other.

TISSUE Magazine N°5 is OUT NOW!
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132 pages of highest print quality on several fine art papers plus a supplementary poster (36 X 58 cm) by DANIEL JOSEFSOHN.

Portraying Sarah Schoenefeld, Jennifer Abessira, Meghan Edwards.
Interviewing Joerg Koch of 032C. Showing Zelle Asphaltkultur.
Featuring Martin Eder, Tim Bruening, Roman Schramm, Till Janz & Hendrik Schneider, Maxime Ballesteros, Adrian Crispin, Jonas Lindstroem, Daniel Josefsohn.

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