The typo devil struck

We’re quite sorry and embarrassed: even though every person around the planet and in the editorial office knows how to write Discwoman, we misspelt it Diskwoman in the printed version of the interview, originally published in TISSUE Magazine No. 666FFF. Everybody at Discwoman, please forgive us, it will never happen again. Find an edited version […]

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“I Don’t Hate Basslines”

Known better by her nom de guerre Umfang, Emma Burges-Olson is a producer and DJ as well as one of the founding members of Discwoman, a New York-based collective that started as a festival and nowadays is a fully fledged booking agency with transgressive appeal. Although they only started seven years ago in 2014, they already […]

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Tim Bruening —
Bucharest Impressions

Two months ago, TISSUE sent me to Telekom Electronic Beats Festival in Bucharest to photograph Umfang for the upcoming TISSUE No. 666fff. From the airport into town, I already fell in love with the city and its weird architecture. Passing by huge empty villas, I immediately knew why they call it “Little Paris”, they even […]

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