Tim Bruening —
Bucharest Impressions

Two months ago, TISSUE sent me to Telekom Electronic Beats Festival in Bucharest to photograph Umfang for the upcoming TISSUE No. 666fff. From the airport into town, I already fell in love with the city and its weird architecture. Passing by huge empty villas, I immediately knew why they call it “Little Paris”, they even have their own Arc de Triomphe. The whole city is a crazy mashup between these Parisian neo-baroque villas, Soviet gingerbread style and postmodern architecture, making it a special experience to walk through the streets as there is so much to discover.

I tried to suck it all in during the day and went for a lot of walks, while I was looking forward to meet Umfang, Volvox and the gang of Discwoman later that night. I remembered seeing a giant dinosaur earlier on the taxi ride, so I tried to find the place again because I love dinosaurs. The nicest guard ever showed me around what turned out to be the Museum of Geology. They have probably the biggest collection of minerals I have seen in my whole life. And yes, they have some freaking awesome dinosaurs, too. Wherever I went from there, I only met the nicest people in the streets, had chats, made jokes, cuddled pups and dogs.

UK-based duo IDER was a special highlight of the festival. They played an amazing set and left everybody stunned and breathless. So I took my chance and asked them to take some quick shots in a parking lot near the venue. Akua, Umfang and Volvox all played wild sets. I loved it and danced until my feet fell off. I headed to the hotel while the sun was already up – what a great trip.