TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 51
by AlphaMob

„A cowbell in every track. That was the ultimate goal.“ Obviously, AlphaMob from Hamburg knows what he wants. And what he doesn’t. For example, he would have never even wasted a thought on snitching the tracklist for his rare Memphis-Rap-infused TISSUE Mixtape 51.

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Premiere: AlphaMob x Skinny Finsta – Swisha Sweet Blues

Playerhaters be aware: for the first official video release of AlphaMob’s „Swaffle Phonk“ he teamed up with South Germany‘s most serious player Skinny Finsta. AlphaMob’s first official music video taken from his Swaffle Phonk tape created by TISSUE‘s very own Levente Pavelka. AlphaMob Swaffle Phonk release party tonight, June 9 2017 at Golem, Hamburg ⇒ Nite Of The […]

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