Why TISSUE N°5 will see the light in October 2014?!


As many of you might have recognised: we skipped the spring/summer issue due to the redesign of our extra bold new homepage. Nearly one decade after all the other magazines around here, we finally made the step from a plain info blog on tumblr to sort of a digital platform. Pow!
Thanks again to DEUTSCHE & JAPANER for transforming the TISSUE feel perfectly into a web format and generating a massive tool for us. And while we are peu-a-peu filling that tool with all those interesting stories from former printed issues we also create web exclusive content with the help of our fine contributors from around this planet for you.
Anyhow, this public announcement is also the kick off for the work on our very special TISSUE N°5. The printed version of our magazine will always remain the center of our work!

Also note: Constantly check tissuemagazine.com for interesting updates, receive a new mixtape on May 1st by Giegling’s KONSTANTIN, be prepared for our first radioshow on Berlin Community Radio in the middle of May 2014 and come to Milano in June to visit another TISSUE Ultra show at Marsèlleria!

TISSUE Magazine and tissuemagazine.com is a service for you, dear reader!
(photography: Sasha Kurmaz)