TISSUE Magazine &
The Press Group pres.:
Una Serata Al Bar Joy

Listen up! Last year we had the honour to release Rupert Marnie’s very special mixtape in our ongoing series. It’s 45 minutes of exclusive music production by the maestro himself. Rupert called it “Una Serrate A Bar Joy” and is inspired by a tacky bar in South Italia, his love for coffee and all food italian as well as his new crush: the vibra slap!

Save the date! On February 23, TISSUE Magazine has the pleasure to invite you to an unforgettable evening with The Press Group at Kampnagel. Rupert Marnie will perform his master piece of work in a live performance with band, plenty succo d’arancia, and of course, all notorious The Press Group members and associates at the turntables. We expect all friends and supporters to come. Yours, Team TISSUE.

Rupert Marnie (live)

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