Stephan Jäschke — love is now

don’t bring me down
don’t bring me down

i talk about
you don’t have a face
you don’t have a heart

you are

no body
my body
your body

i make you fall
in love
i make you fall

try to keep me calm
attention, make it easier, it’s cold, make it easy

it’s cold
it’s cold
it’s cold

make you fall
make me fall

in all that there is
is eternal
but what becomes this
is love
and together eternal and love this is


hot or not
next next next
new new new
you know

thank you for the pain

my baby my sweety my baby

chillin in the garden
no make up pics
my angel favorite
beautiful, bella, joli..

WomanI ©Stephan Jäschke

WomanII ©Stephan Jäschke

WomanIII ©Stephan Jäschke

WomanIV ©Stephan Jäschke

Woman I – IV
Material: Aquarelle, acrylic and oil paint on canvas
Format: 150 x 200 cm
Year: 2017
Poem: Stephan Jäschke