Kieran Behan
Places My Head Was At
N°1: Expired Kefalonia

Since winter is embracing Europe with its cold hands, this year could not start better with an intimate photo diary by Kieran Behan about a mystical hike on the greek island of Kefalonia. The whole series was shot with expired time zero films which perfectly highlights the trippy atmosphere we so much love about summer.


I disappeared in the Amazon. It should have been 10 days but it turned into 6 weeks. Fabi thought I had gone for the ghost, but I found my way back. Landed on European soils we went straight to Greece.


Kefalonian water is deep blue. It contains the clarity to swirl around your naked skin. Then you feel like home.


I made sure to go inside the tourist caves. Down a beaten carpet lining a pathway dug from the rock towards a glowing opening. That’s where the boats are. A lovely older gentleman would serenade us with grecian words of wisdom so three Korean tourists could get busy with their selfie stick. Inside the caves felt moist and damp with antiquity, just the way we like it.


Goats are hiding in these shadows.


​Asos is a village curving around a small bay. This old fortress sits on top of a hill overlooking the ocean. We walked up the rocky path telling sordid stories for the various gods and goddesses who ruled this realm. We made them an offering.





The perfect station came to soft focus on the radio. The soundtrack mimicked the way clouds curled like smoke above our shoulders in the dying of the light.


Directly after sunset. I wondered how it felt to be the only witness to his death. The highway was so quiet.



Last night. Hot. Out. On the town. Shopping.