Daisuke Hamada — Make Some Plants for Today

When asking Daisuke Hamada about his personal work, he states: “I very often take photographs of flowers and plants”. Perfect! At the TISSUE Lab, we share this deeper love for all sentient beings including flowers and other plants. Yes, flowers are wonderful manifestions of Mother Earth’s perfection. Thanks to Mr. Hamada for sharing this beautiful flip-through with us. Feelings …

“Flowers are one of the beautiful things in everyday life for me and one of the symbols of life and death in the long history.
I learn many things from flowers shape, form and color. I am interested in the relationship between flowers and cities.”

Flower, 2013 (1)

Flower, 2014 (1)

Flower, 2015 (2)

Flower, 2017 (1)

Flower, 2018 (3)

Flower, 2018 (4)

Flower, 2018 (6)

Plant, 2015 (2)

Plant, 2017 (1)

Plant, 2017 (2)

Plant, 2019 (2)