But in the Meta town no.

also I like to experiment with society’s ‘wrongness’, I came to realise the word stigmatization could be a powerful tool, yet to me this stigma, if any, is good as it is. Also taboos, if any, are placed rightly as they are. Otherwise, it would cease to be it without them, in which case probably I would not be interested in. I think. But there is way more.

I saw deepness and beauty in the so called pharaphilias, the most expressive and poetic form of experiencing sexual pleasure. Yet when it comes to myself, as for now, I’d rather navigating through calmer waters. Suddenly a flux of imagery arose in my mind influenced by these practices, but also by different art forms, including nature, technology, banal life and perhaps also by the deepest corners of my unconscious!, eventually taking shape into what it became intriguing ‘experiences’. Yet these particular scenarios would not probably stay relevant out of its context. But the core of it could be applied universally.

I was getting to know myself better, I dared to abandon myself to it, but yet experiencing it live with other curious and brave individuals I was also becoming to empirically getting to know better, if only a bit, the essence of the human mind and the body. Separately but entwined. Instinctively yet filtered by beliefs and ideologies. Here things constantly evolve and transform. I was experiencing realness within surreal scenarios.

Now by showing it to the world, there is not a specific intention. But I feel there is way more.


female artist.

pale yellow fluid menu (2017)

II. Summer of ’17 (2017)

IV. yellow forest (2017)

V. I sit here alone and I wonder why. (2018)

VI. W.B.C I (2018)

VIII. walkie – talkie (2018)

Dear Tree Man. (2018)