Britta Thie — Sentimental Solutions

Exhibitions in Berlin, London, Vienna, Stockholm and more — 2014 was a busy year for Berlin based visual artist, model and TISSUE long-time contributor Britta Thie. For this year, two exhibitions in Frankfurt have already been announced and just recently in February her short film Having a Coke With U, which you can watch here, was screened at the Anthology Film Archives in New York City.
We too would like to pay tribute to her once more with the following lines Britta wrote for us as featured in TISSUE N°4.



second skinny bitches
like button
up shirts
soft violation

she was the white dom
when the dark knight
played back
his bad manners

stretched balmy
bridal wear,
a stifling textured

lycra tie dye,
pure pore clarity,
squeezed into the
highest resolution
I’ll make sure ur skin
looks great

and liquify my thigh
shruggling latex lies
in cold intimacies
I’ll touch u
in post

Photography: Lina Grün
Styling: Viviane Hausstein
Hair & Make-Up: Silke Zeitz