TISSUE Magazine 日本リリース決定!2012年3月15日より発売開始

TISSUE N°1 will finally be available in Japan from March 15, 2012. Following retailers will provide you with a copy: Logos (Shibuya),Shelf, Tsutaya Tokyo Roppongi, Book of Days, flotsambooks (online shop) and many more.

Japanese Retailers please contact Yumiko Ohchi at Marginal Press: marginalpress@gmail.com

From sexed-up to sex-ed, it’s an amalgamation of everything sexy. Women, men, horses, architecture, fire-breathing and porn paraphernalia – all contributed by only the most talented artists. In other words: TISSUE is a magazine full of oversexed newcomers and the shaky old hands of erotic photography taking sex to the unsexiest of places.
Would you like to come with?

TISSUE is the new magazine by Uwe Jens Bermeitinger and Hans Bussert
– the former creatives behind Nude Paper.

TISSUE will be published biannually.