Dan Künzler / Footage 2009—2016

Upon first view seemingly arbitrary bits form a mosaic of moments, leaving the viewer with a lust for something that is hard to grasp. Joining forces with team Flight Mode, we are proud to present a brand new and exclusive video by artist Dan Künzler, who discloses a collage of his observations. We love seeing people strolling around, trespassing, exploring and taking action, especially if its as visually appealing as this. A great, darkish electronic song from the early 1980s by Eiskalte Engel provides a perfect soundtrack for Dan’s tense and somehow awkward visual imagery. The more you search, the more you will find, as Dan claims. So, you better go watch it!

Music: Eiskalte Engel — Kinder aus Asbest (Mond Musik re-issue/Krypton Music)