Jardin & Wutangu by Hélène Mastrandréas for TISSUE N°666FFF [launching 9 November 2019, Japan]

A few months after the release of his EP One World One Shit, Jardin aka Lény Bernay is delivering a brand-new live show: together with Wutangu, there’ll be two geminis on the stage. His song Débordement, as well as the whole EP, are dedicated to Chris Korda & The Church of Euthanasia — an eco-queer cult born in 1992.

We are proud to announce an editorial shot by Hélène Mastrandréas featuring Jardin & Wutangu in upcoming TISSUE N°666FFF to be launched November 9th, 2019 in Japan and a few weeks later all around the planet.

Director: Hélène Mastrandréas
Assistant: Lucie Ternisien
Stylists: Alexandre Paty & Samuel Bardaji
Makeup: Ondine Marchal
Hair: Sumiyo Kyoshima
Floral & Set Design: Laurie Mortreuil
Thanks to Mac Cosmetics, Véronique Chabourine, My Favorite Things,
Lucía Serrano, Maïté Waag