TISSUE Magazine N°666FFF


Readers might already know about Kristina’s powerful work as an artist, as the curator of the Berlin off-space Aesthetik01 and as the editor of zines like AXIS. Aesthetik01 was recently sent into oblivion but Ms Nagel assured us that there will be something totally different, Aesthetik02. Kristina brings an unconventional ethereal glitch to fashion photography […]

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TISSUE Magazine No. 666FFF
Flip-Through (ASMR) by Moritz Haas

Relax and sit back. Moritz Haas flips through TISSUE N°666FFF triggering your ASMR. We are proud to announce the launch of our 6th issue. After five years of a print sabbatical we are back – more than ever. Printed in an edition of only 666 copies worldwide, it will be released in November in Tokyo, […]

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