BROCCOLI TALK A Podcast for Cannabis Lovers Episode 014: “Cannabis & Coronavirus” Follow the link to listen or subscribe to the podcast from our colleagues over at Broccoli. The magazine “encourages the discovery and intelligent appreciation of cannabis through experimental and engaging explorations of art, culture, and fashion.” All Day Every Day — Celebrating #420 […]

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Smoking Weed w/ ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER Side fact: Arnold smoked weed back in 1977. But did he inhale? That is the question … Watch the video to hear his answer. Only the fit survive. Bodybuilding and smoking weed seems to be a topic on the internet. What do you think about it, are you disappointed as […]

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Premiere Mixtape 74 by OL’ DIRTY BASQUIAT on Radio80000 All Day Every Day — Celebrating #420 this April with a daily editorial pick for our readers. Re-legalisierung — Unterstützt den Deutschen Hanfverband #42020 #relegalisierung #legalizeit

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