A Talk With Laz Rojas


Laz Rojas is a master of transformation! He makes work in film, photography, and art that consistently tread a tenuous line between complex and simple. His work is sharp, witty, multi-layered all in all thorough. One could say there is an idiosyncratic variety of different meanings to his work. In his mélange of imagery he is responsible for every little detail we see, for every role, for every costume! He shot, directed, edited, wrote and styled a four-hour, 52-scene audition tape, now known as One-Man Showcase, where he kisses himself, shoots himself and he has a dialogue with himself…. Rojas, with his One-Man Showcase, assuringly produced one of the most legendary ‘audition’ tapes in the history of cinema. The still aspiring actor-writer-director, at the very beginning didn’t get the response he wanted, the response he deserved, but all these years later he is finally on the right track. With today’s audience and appreciation for indie and art production, Laz could now finally get his big break.

Katja Horvat sat down with the master himself and talked about movies, life and what is there to follow: https://tissuemagazine.com/?p=6719