by Dean Blunt: “Every Day Is a Lifetime”

TISSUE x Shutters pres. Babyfather
Friday, Nov 25, Uebel und Gefährlich/Turmzimmer

Shit’s running out quick, better save yourself a ticket now!

(compiled by Katja Horvat; artwork by Pelle Buys for TISSUE Magazine)

Babyfather is a London-based project featuring Dean Blunt, DJ Escrow, Gassman, Triumph ALLAH and Lady T. Their debut album is called ‘BBF Hosted by DJ Escrow’ and is out now on Hyperdub. The album also includes contributions from Arca and Mica Levi.
And with Blunt being the main force behind the project, this intro is more or less about him. Dean Blunt is a man of mystery or not, dunno, I mean, yes he is. He is very out there, but still very private at the same time. He is a rare species with a rare kind of mind. The fact is, only person so rare can do so much, so good. He possesses a rare kind of talent that is universal. He is a rare multidisciplinary artist, just because it’s rare to always do things so well, at all times, and in all disciplines. And the thing is, no matter how much we love him, he still is not available for interviews, I mean, sometimes love is simply not enough. But nevertheless we still wanted to do some kind of feature on him, so what we ended up doing is a mix up of our favorite comments/quotes said by Babyfather/by Dean Blunt/ or of Babyfather.