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The majority of moms tell their children smoking weed will be bad for them and their surroundings – if they talk about the topic at all. If there is conversations, children will be told that one might successively become an addict to (harder) drugs, catch something like reefer madness or just become the stereotypical underachiever associated with lessened ambition. Anybody we know smoking sees themselves in the light of those shadows. Shadows that were cast upon them and their precursors due to hundreds of years of misinformation and campaigning. This definitely has a lot to do with patriachal structures, colonial exploitation and hegemonial power, with economic interest rather than well being.
As a lot of the people demonizing marijuana still use resentment and status quo to argue away their lack of experience and knowledge, it is evermore important to have Moms for Marijuana educating people that Cannabis use does not have to be socially contextualized as deviant or illegal, informing about the advantages of medical as well as procreational use.

Not all moms have a first hand experience they can draw upon, and that is alright. With openness and informational integrity you can still do what is right. Moms for Marijuana campaign ‘to end Cannabis prohibition world-wide by raising awareness, promoting education, and creating discussion in our local communities.’ Educate yourself here: momsformarijuana.com

Words by Simon Lunkenheimer

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